About the Branch

GRFC Branch in the Central Federal District

The Central Federal District (CFD) is one of the most rapidly developing regions of Russia, featuring intensive growth of telecom services employing new IT systems and broad use of radiocommunications, TV and sound broadcasting are widely used in the territory of the Central Federal District. There are more than 8,000 telecommunication networks and more than 480,000 stations and devices registered here.

Radiocontrol department, Moscow Mobile complex of radio monitoring, Moscow

The Branch’s functions are:

  • to ensure proper use of radio frequencies and radio-electronic facilities (high-frequency devices) in the CFD;
  • to perform monitoring of emissions of radio-electronic facilities' and high-frequency devices (radio monitoring);
  • to ensure that frequency use fees are transferred to the Federal budget;
  • to perform electromagnetic compatibility evaluation/coordination and spectrum availability activities and measurements of emissions’ technical parameters of radio electronic facilities (high-frequency devices);
  • to perform other activities within its terms of reference.

The Branch’s head office is located in Moscow, and it has regional offices in Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladimir, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, Oryol, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, Tula and Yaroslavl Regions.

Spectrum availability, EMC evaluation/coordination and emissions measurement functions are performed by the Branch’s Radio Monitoring Department and by radio monitoring units operating in regions. All the units have fixed and mobile facilities and modern monitoring systems.

Electromagnetic environment data are provided to the Situation Centre, which analyses and aggregates radio monitoring results. Radio monitoring units perform emissions measurements of some 47,000 stations and eliminate more than 600 interferences at requests from legal entities and individuals on an annual basis.

Situational centre of radio monitoring, Moscow Equipment of the Testing laboratory

The Branch staff is a team of skilled specialists, most of them have university degrees and many years of experience in the telecom sector. Some of them have doctor and candidate of sciences degrees, many of them have been awarded the titles of “Master of Telecommunications” and “Honorary Radioman”, and certificates of appreciation from the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

The Branch maintains a focus on adopting new IT systems, enhancing its technology potential, and providing high-quality services to all spectrum users.